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Weather Warning ~ Week Commencing 28/01/2019

The weather forecast for this week has demonstrated the potential for snow in our area over the next few days. The picture is constantly changing and we wanted to ensure that we communicate effectively with parents and carers to reassure you that we are monitoring the situation carefully.

We are also in communication with the other schools within the Trust to enable a co-ordinated approach to help those families that may have siblings in different local schools.

Any decision to close the school is always a last resort and will be made based on our ability to keep students safe on site and on the way to school. If the site itself is safe another factor to be taken into consideration is having enough student supervision. The ability of enough staff, who often live out of area, to get to the school site if conditions are hazardous could impact on our decision making.

As well as doing our best to remain open, we will also try and communicate effectively and as early as we can as we recognise that any disruption to normal procedures can create difficulties. You may wish to consider, at this early stage, the arrangements that you would put in place in the event of a school closure this week.

I would like to thank all parents and carers in advance for their patience, support and understanding as we navigate the weather over the next few days.