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We strive to make our school a place that nurtures, inspires and challenges all children to believe and reach beyond themselves, be proud of their achievements and reaching their full and unique potential. All children are enthused and challenged to aspire, thereby exceeding their goals. Our shared vision is for them to become respectful, successful, independent and resilient lifelong learners and caring, responsible members of the community. We are committed to developing a welcoming, safe and stimulating environment that prepares and empowers them for an ever changing world.

We aim to:

  • Create a happy, secure, supportive and caring environment which reflects our values and promotes a sense of self-worth and community in which children can develop to their full potential;
  • Develop a child’s independence and personal responsibility in the learning situation, so that with encouragement they become self-disciplined, well-motivated and best equipped towards achieving success;
  • Develop a learning culture throughout the school that promotes life-long learning through high quality continual professional development for all staff;
  • Recognise and plan for a range of learning styles and interests to ensure all children have equal access to the curriculum, enabling them to be successful;
  • Provide varied and challenging learning experiences in order to help pupils develop lively enquiring minds, to be creative and to expand their intellectual capacity;
  • Open minds for the future by developing independence, confidence, initiative, creativity and perseverance through a challenging, innovative and fun curriculum, grounded in excellent teaching and enjoyment;
  • Provide a highly professional, caring and effective teaching and support staff who can bring their knowledge and experience of the society in which we all live;
  • Promote social, cultural, moral and spiritual development, supporting pupils and staff to become confident and responsible members of society;
  • Build strong partnerships with families and the local community, encouraging them to be supportive of their children and to work in collaboration with the school in order to gain the most positive learning outcomes;
  • Establish an atmosphere in which each child has a positive self-image and where individual achievements are recognised, celebrated and valued by all;
  • Promote inclusive practice in all aspects of school life, giving every child the opportunity to develop and thrive.

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Upcoming Events

2 Dec
Year 3 Sharing Assembly
Date Fri, 2nd Dec 2022 15:00
7 Dec
Key Stage 1 Christmas Performance
Wed, 7th Dec 2022 14:00
7 Dec
Key Stage 2 Christmas Performance
Wed, 7th Dec 2022 18:30
8 Dec
Key Stage 2 Christmas Performance
Thu, 8th Dec 2022 14:00