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Year 4 – Nightingale Class

Welcome to Nightingales' Page!

Let me open the door to our amazing year 4,

Nightingale’s their name and learning in their game!

They do Maths and English which they have everyday,

They love a good debate and have plenty to say.


They especially love learning in the great outdoors,

With things like Science, finding slime on the floors!

They are scientists, geographers and historians too,

Always looking for answers from a number of clues.


Sporty kids are aplenty in this class,

Children with skills can be discovered on mass.

They are good at gymnastics, dance and hockey too,

There isn’t a lot this bunch can’t do!


They are animal lovers, from cats and dogs,

To hamsters and horses even creatures in logs.

They are kind and funny, a teacher’s dream.

They really are the heartbeat of the Stanwick School team.


Year 4 Curriculum Information